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Special exhibitions - Ueli's Maps

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Ueli's Maps
Drawing the World by Hand

Special exhibition of November 16th, until September 15th, 2013

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A Special Exhibition in conjunction with the Glacier Garden, Lucerne

Following up a long tradition of cartography, the Glacier Garden wishes to devote this special exhibition to the extensive map-work of the Swiss engineer and cartographer Ueli Läuppi from Kriens by Lucerne. In contrast to the historical maps and landscape reliefs in the possession of the Glacier Garden depicting Central Switzerland and the Alpine region, Ueli Läuppi's maps stretch a great bow over lands and panoramas around the entire planet.

Ueli's Maps – A Fascinating Work of Cartography 

At the basis of this cartographic enterprise there is a vision to awaken an understanding for the Visual in the variegated landscapes of the Earth's surface via the mapping process. After decades of research and meticulous handwork, the much-travelled Läuppi has created an opus that registers a new outlook towards topographical and thematic correlations. Stemming from this initial vision, there has emerged a most original and fascinating work of cartography of highest aesthetic content.

Gallery, Vernissage "Ueli's Maps". November 15th, 2012

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