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The Million Year Show - Lucerne during the Ice Age

Lucerne during the Ice Age Bild 846

Lucerne during the Ice Age. Oil painting by Ernst Hodel, 1927, representing a late glacial summer's day around 16,000 years ago. In the background the panoramic view of the Alps from Mount Rigi to Mount Pilatus. The glaciers, now only a few 100 metres thick, feature moraine ridges, boulders and melt-water streams. Reindeers and mammoths are seen grazing on the roundly eroded hillsides.

Lucerne during the Ice Age Bild 246

Skeleton of an Ice-Age cave bear (Drachenhöhle near Graz, Austria) and bone finds of the Rigi cave bear from the Steigelfadbalm above Vitznau on the Vierwaldstättersee.